Happiness Project #1: You’re not happy unless you think you’re happy

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You’re not happy unless you think you’re happy.
corollary: You’re happy if you think you’re happy.

The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. It is an important endeavor to be happy. It goes against the midwestern-protestant-be-miserable-and-then-you-are-good-enough upbringing, which makes it even more important!

Gretchen Rubin did extensive research on happiness. She read a ton of books about it and acquired advice, quotes, inspiration. She decided there were 12 areas in her life that could use improvement and would boost her happiness level if she put more oomph into them. She chose to be pretty compulsive about it, and made a calendar of 12 topics to cover in 12 months. She has about 5 new habits to learn each month, and they are cumulative! Wow, so 60 new habits to learn and guage over a year. She was determined!

I do not have control over people, but I do control my own attitude. Compulsions appeal to me. And, I have been writing too much about the downer (but honest) sides of single parent life. I am ready for solutions and action now. I need something more to sink my teeth into. I am willing to make 60 new habits over the next 12 months. And I think I could make a calendar to track progress, too! Her book is a really easy read; it feels I am like sitting down with a friend over coffee. I highly recommend you read it too and join me on this trip. It is not that we are unhappy, it is that we want more from life, and we want to give more to life.

These are Gretchen’s 12 Topic/Months:
Boost Energy – Vitality
Remember Love – Marriage
Aim Higher – Work
Lighten Up – Parenthood
Be Serious about Play – Leisure
Make Time for Friends – Friendships
Buy some Happpiness – Money
Contemplate the Heavens – Eternity
Pursue a Passion – Books
Pay Attention – Mindfulness
Keep a Contented Heart – Attitude
Boot Camp Perfect – Happiness

Happiness Project

I picked my 12 areas (Anne’s Happy Needs) . I am older than Gretchen, and might need more than 12 months to tackle my setbacks… but I decided on these 12 topics and their focuses to begin:
Giving – Time, love, money, acceptance, and gifts
Health – Rest, nutrition, energy
Friendships –
Love –
Fun –
Parenting –
Money –
Spirituality –
Beauty –
Receptivity/Contentment –
Creativity –
Happiness –

My next blog is about giving! I have some definite ideas about giving habits that will enrich our lives.

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