“Good Friday” ?

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1st thought: “I need to get to the Dollar Store to buy Easter goods for the kids… and be sure to get the malted milk ball eggs Ireally like too…”  : )

 2nd thought:  This is the day God proved He is The Man, The Master, The Ultimate, The Best Dude.  He is GOD.  He triumphed over death and Jesus lives forever.



Re-look at it all


I need a re-birth.  Do you?  Those ruts were pretty sticky in February and March.  They grabbed me up and sucked me right in to some self-pity, anxiety, attempts at “helping God out”, and a little self-righteous anger thrown in as well.  Those are all sins of unfaithfulness.

Not a blessed or blessing life at all.  I was not trusting, not believing God has me in the palm of His hand.

 I want another chance, a re-do.  To be honest, I need a re-do daily…  It is only 7:45 in the morning and I have already messed up with my kids and a friend– 2 pretty big things!  Luckily, God forgives us our sins, has already  forgiven them  even.

 Jesus died for them. Today is Good Friday, which I think is an awkward name for crucifixion day…  the day Jesus was flogged, beaten, dragged, humiliated, scorned, tortured cruelly and mercilessly, hideously nailed to a cross, and left to die over the course of the day and evening…  “Good? Friday”?

 But He did it for you.  For me.  For us.  To save us from ourselves.  Jesus saved us from ourselves!!  I need saving from myself, I can really screw myself up.  But when I think about it-  It is done – All forgiven with God.  All gone.  I get a re-do today, tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and every day because Jesus lived and died for me.  You do too!

 It means more than “I get to screw up again” of course- I must try to follow Jesus’ perfect example.  We will never get it ALL right, but we are forgiven and we need and get to act like it in our hearts and actions. 

 3rd Thought:  Maybe it should be called “Incredible Fantastic Amazing Unbelievable Miraculous Friday”.

 I hope you have a fantastic weekend, wherever you go, whatever you do, and whomever you do it with.


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