Guest Post Colonoscopy in Bangkok Thailand, “Nothing Worry About!”

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This blog entry is from a family member of mine. I promised her she would be anonymous though. (hint: she has curly hair)

Colonoscopy in Bangkok Thailand
Who said a colonoscopy would be easy?
Well, where do I begin?

I TOLD the doc I was having congestion and a touch of asthma, but he said “Nothing worry about”.

In the recovery room the guy next to me was sleeping peacefully and upon awakening in the recovery room he was offered some water, where upon he asked if it was gin. Haha, my kind of guy! Me, on the other hand, upon awakening in the PROCEDURE room, threw up, had matted hair, coughed for 2 hours, in the middle of which they rushed in the chest x-ray machine to take of shot of my chest.

I guessed it was all “nothing worry about” when a nurse came to check on me all I could do was mouth “ASTHMA” and she patted my arm as if I was saying “JAZZBAR”. I was to leave the hospital at 3:00 pm, but stayed until 7:00 when they wheeled me out in a wheelchair and uncermoniously poured me into a taxi… I was so weak, I nearly fainted two times! My forehead was full of the rash that comes from lack of oxygen (nothing to worry about!?), but when the nurse called the doc he said it must be from the hair cap… I was so starving as you can imagine, and not a cracker in sight, where when you have the check up there is fruit, complete breakfast, and water at every station!

The next day the doc did say there was “a little incident” with my blood pressure and my head had to be put below my body. Why is my throat so sore!? “Nothing worry about”, I am sure…

Anyway, clean colon, and I recoverd in my hotel room in Bangkok- at least I could get crackers from room service!

Lesson Learned: Get your colonoscopy done on time!! Just maybe skip Bangkok. No wonder they cannot get peace going there…

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