Now is Totally Awesome: Be Here

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When I am there, I miss her smiles and his jokes. I miss the flowers, I miss the message, I miss out on the hug. I don’t hear the compliment. I don’t get a chance to help them. I am too hung up on yesterday to notice that I am in fact living an amazing incredible life today, at this very moment.

I want to be here. Not there. It is true, yesterday I didn’t get quite what I wanted done, and I wasn’t exactly who I wanted to be. Last week I didn’t plan so well. I regret being grumpy and snarky. Last year I definitely did not appreciate my blessings enough.

Tomorrow is crowded; too much to do, to prepare, to pay for, to produce, to accomplish. Next week is a nightmare of obligations and places and people I need to smile at and be kind to no matter how tired I get.
But right now, right here, I have this moment to smile and enjoy my blessings in front of me. I want to let go of all of yesterdays’ remorse.

We all feel this way at times. Sometimes for really really Loooooong times! I have the ability to wallow for days… I made a list of promises to make to help live in the present:

1. Count blessings instead of my desires
2. Smile at kids and coworkers a LOT more often
3. Be quick to laugh and slow to anger
4. Keep nourishing healthy boundaries to protect my soul
5. Find beauty in something every hour
6. Find ways to be kind to everyone I meet, and that includes me
7. Do one creative endeavor every day
8. Be open to new ideas
9. Have forgiveness and compassion instead of anger and resentment
10. Get physical: love physically, exercise physically, and be physically open to newness

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“God-I give you all of my guilt over my yesterdays. Please help me to be here right now. I give you my fear and worries about tomorrow and all the rest of my tomorrows. Help me to be here in this moment”.


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