The New Math- How We Are Able to Remain Young

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I have 2 teenage kids. A friend of mine has a grandkid. But I am sure I am only 25 years old. My dear friend Frances and I had lunch the other day, trying to figure out the math. We met in 7th grade Home Economics class- she was reading a dictionary and knew how to sew in zippers already. We have known each other a long time; she was in both of my weddings, and we snuck out of Church camp together in high school. I am pretty sure I met her somewhere around 10 years ago. I think we need the New Math, or Quantum Physics to make sense of it.

There are a few more things we could not figure out:

I showed her a milk chocolate stain on my neck and right hand that I can’t seem to clean off. We thought maybe it is stray eyeliner instead?

The fact that we both have metallic highlights at our temples and blonder eyebrows now. We are saving a ton of money on highlights (but choose to do low lights these days, because we are sooo very hip).

When my kid says “Those are so 90’s mom” (about my pants that button above my belly button, not 8 inches below), I am confused. What year is it? I just wrote 1999 on a check the other year, didn’t I?

I’m getting together with some old friends from junior high and high school next month, sort of a reunion. I keep imaginging them as I knew them back then- Frances wore her hair short and brown, Brad wore aviator glasses and Levis, Kelly had a brown flip hairstyle. Carrie and Gail wore Izod shirts and monogrammed sweaters. We won’t look any different, will we?


  1. Ahhhh the feeling of nostalgia…sometimes good, sometimes it sucks. Looking at our past and remembering the good times is fun, at times…but can get sad when we think about the people we’ve “lost” and wish they were still in our lives. Nostalgia is a very important feeling because it helps shape who we are and how we reflect on our past and how we plan for the future…hopefully for the better…..Remember to take your April Wine and REO cassettes to the reunion!

    1. That is interesting, Mark “nostalgia is how we plan for the future”. I have never thought of it that way, but we do want more of what we had before that we liked, that is so true.

      Yes: REO and April Wine (8-tracks!), the Chiddix yearbook, my Candie’s shoes. : )

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