Yoga Conference, Weights, and Wine

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I went to a yoga conference (first time ever, as I barely do any yoga) over the weekend with my sweet friend Liz, also a single mom living it all (crazy ex who actually texts her with court cases when he gets mad).
–They had about 30-100 people in each class, so they marked off rectangles with blue tape where we put our mats.
–They played live yoga music: the drums, that wooden little piano thing, and the long-necked guitar thing!!
–The blue rectangles didn’t keep out body odors form neighbors, which I was suddenly very sensitive to during the down-dogs.
–Tons of different energies there: athletic prowess form the 3 men in each class (it was not a place to pick up dudes), sexual attraction from women with the hots for the instructors, competition for the best poses, and then just general kind love and openness.
–I learned a lot of really interesting new ideas: “We have been practicing all of our lives for this, what we are going through right now”, “breathing is really important in relationships, as in yoga as well”, “Never hold a pose without breathing”
–I loved it all, very fun and brain-stretching concepts for this midwest, middle class, linear thinking, deskjob girl.

–I have been going to weights class 2-3 times a week lately. I found a way to gain 8 pounds and spend 4,000 extra dollars this summer. I hvae no idea how that happened, but I am working like hell to get out of it. I think I need to run more miles too. that might keep me ofline and away from shopping. We put our energy where ever our goals are. So new goals for me: get back in shape and save money insted of spend it by working instead of shopping. (That means I need ot stay away from IKEA, darn!)

–Cute Guy Update: We have been going out for drinks every Thursday lately, going Dutch, and staying about 2 hours. We also email short little 1-3 liners during the day, without regular habit or expectations. I love this! I am strangely very calm, and yet assured that we will spend time together. We hug at the end, and I leave happy. It is easy to laugh and chat away about whatever topics come up that are superficially soulful (not much kid, divorce, money, religion, politics, or work talk). Last week we sat at a table at a coffee shop that happened to face the front door of a liquor store and we sat and made predictions about what each customer would buy “Oh, he is a Bud man”, “Definitely a vodka woman”. And laughed and laughed.

I went on a date with cute old interest last night, he popped up out of the blue with a phone call saying he would be driving through town. So we met, I had no expectations, as my heart is on CG. But he was cute, and engaging, and we had a lot of fun. I drank yummy red wine and shared about finances, relationships, divorces, and kids (hitting almost all of the taboo topics). At the end, he asked if we could see each other again, and I said “Yes, without expectations, I like to stay in the present”. I don’t know where that girl came from… but here she is!


    1. That is a hilarious post you sent me the link for! Thanks SD. And your last post is so hopeful and funny; I was so glad to read it. As you see in the latest post, words like “slow”, “careful”, or even “glacial” would be too fast for that friendship!

    1. Oh D, but you had your gorgeous grandkids here with your daughter. You have something to show for it! Hugs to you. xoxo

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