Big Feet for a Cinderella Budget

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I have spent 3 years (or is it 5?) working on getting my spending to fit a budget. Truly. I am a slow learner.  It is like trying to fit a size 9 foot in a size 7 shoe. I need to cut off toes and shave my heels, not just trim my toenails.  My spending can be an ugly stepsister some months… really emotional, jealous, with an over-the-top-hairdo.
I don’t like to be told “no”, not even from myself. I admit, I am spoiled. Argh, that sounds awful!  But- this month, I discovered that I really like paying for vacations before they happen even more than I like having new boots every winter. I was able to relax, laugh, and enjoy the moments without counting up the debt I was racking up. I even let my kids have a beverage other than water at our meals-a very special treat! And I drank a margarita. We were heathens.

Finances are hard for single people. No one gets upset when I buy clothes instead of groceries. No one but me sees my credit card bill. No one argues with me about my priorities. I have to be my own police.

So I do my best to abide by Dave Ramsey’s philosophies: don’t use credit cards (even for free miles); have an emergency fund; kill debt with intensity; and if I can’t afford it, don’t buy it, aka don’t buy things other than homes on time (and believe me, this is KILLING me, because I need and want new running shoes, but they aren’t in the budget this month). You can read all about his ideas on He has been broke, raised kids while broke, and is still married. So I figure he figured a few things out.
My neurosis about budgeting is a lot like dieting. If someone tells me I can never eat chocolate agin, then I beeline for the brownie aisle. But we are old enough now:
-We can floss daily
-We can eat healthy daily
– We can live on a budget (daily!)

Progress, not perfection. You can do it… You are worth it, and you deserve to live without debt!


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