Day 7 Being Present: Accept and Allow- Find the Gifts in Now

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Stop. Take a breath. Smile. Be Present. Be the Present to each other.

Our Presence is our Presents.

Here it is, spring turning to summer- wedding season, birthday season, graduation season… buying season.  And I for one, am really trying to control my own economics as a way to control my behavior during this virus season.  I can really worry hard, aka freak out about how to buy the material items I expect myself to buy for others- what if we commit to bringing spiritual wealth to our families rather than material wealth?

That is a lasting legacy we can provide- the way we live our lives today, and in this season has a much longer reward than the materials we buy them. It will last longer than just this lifetime.

Action Item: Ask ourselves what is it that we can leave behind for our family, aside from wealth and material items? What do we want to teach our children, what do we want to role model for them? Work ethic, laughter, a sense of humor, kindness to strangers, love of God, working knowledge of budgeting and money management? Care and support for loved ones? Forgiveness?  Think it over and make a list.

Affirmation: I love to be present and give others my golden love and energy.

Visualize: (this is very groovy, but try it anyway) Imagine you are surrounded by golden light. It is coming from the Divine, and it swirls around you. You have so much of it, it drips off of you as you walk through your day. This light feels amazing and is amazing. It is inside and outside of you, and you happily share it with others.


  1. A thought provoking post. What do I want to leave behind for my daughter? Whether I like it or not I’ve left her the legacy of a few of my curses that I wish she’d never heard.

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