Learning New Habits- My Own Lessons Learned

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Last week was passable, barely, as my 1st week with new habits I am trying to make to be more productive and de-stress.  I set up my cues, listed my habits, and set up a reward just like I described in my post here a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t expect perfection; I am allowing myself two days of imperfection per habit.  I earned and rewarded myself at the end of the week with a new pot of flowers for my back porch. 

One downside was I didn’t brush my teeth until I was ready to get outside to walk the dog, and that meant not brushing teeth until afternoon some days– not the greatest for my quarantine partners.

But this week’s progress was not even passable… I sucked at earning checkmarks on time. I feel awful. I think making a timeframe I had to stick to in order to earn my check mark was too much (I ended up cheating on whether I did it on time).  I will leave that off next week’s list and call it good if I do the blasted habit AT ALL; daughter will just have to deal with my dragon breath. I am really burned out at my corporate job work. It is Thursday night, and just want to roll around eating cookies and doughnuts all day tomorrow; I am incapable of anything else.

There, I let the secret out, now maybe it won’t haunt me. Here are more–>I hate my boss, am unmotivated, am not learning, not fulfilled, not energized, exhausted from trying and failing to sit in my stupid chair in front of my stupid computer for 9 hours a day, and feel resentful of EVERYONE- even the poor 12-year old poodle Lizzie is annoying me today.  She has awful gas and gets to just lay around sleeping.  I am taking a vacation day tomorrow to get my head screwed on straight again because I also feel guilty for resenting a good-paying job when I am so lucky to have a job to go to.

Update Friday: Lesson Learned— When Stephen Guise told us in his book Mini-Habits to make it super simple to accomplish, that is crucial and I feel silly for feeling like I had to re-build Anne in a week.  I skipped the part about starting out with easy-peasy to build our confidence.  Instead, I started out hard and sent my self-confidence to the sewer. 

REVISED Directions for Making New Habits:

  1. Pick just a couple of habits (not 5!), line them up with cues and rewards and post where we will see them.
  2. Find a way to track consistency, e.g. little boxes.
  3. Keep is simple silly (KISS)- let’s not write the novel this weekend, run a marathon, or clean out the entire garage. Just write 15 minutes a day, clean one corner a day, run 50 yards a day, read 1 paragraph of non-fiction a day, etc. 
  4. Let ourselves have all day to do the habit, not strict timelines.
  5. Give ourselves the reward if we earn it!

Looking forward to better days~


  1. I loved reading this post, it is both educational and entertaining! Thanks for the tips. 😀

  2. I am so with you on this. I feel totally burnt out by work too. So much so that I struggle to do anything else, including the things I enjoy. I think 5 habits is too much. 2 sounds much more achievable plus you’ve plenty of time to build on these!

  3. You are starting your journey to self-discovery. You started ambitiously, and discovered you are not ready to maintain that level of accomplishment. This makes you feel guilty. Guilt is not a good motivator. You don’t need it to feel good.
    I presume one of your goals is to like yourself better, to be proud of who you are. (Pride can be a good thing if you only judge yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others.) Part of liking yourself is feeling valued by those around you. It sounds to me like you do not feel valued at work. You are unhappy there. Are you really wanting to work there? It certainly does not sound like it. I am not you, but I would listen to myself and start to put out feelers for a new job. People who work at a job just because it pays good do not feel self-fulfilled. Yes it is the monster you know, but wouldn’t you like to be where there is no monster. It’s like staying with an abusive spouse. You know you should leave, and that he may eventually kill you, yet you stay, living in fear. Is that really a good way to live? But that is just me. You must be you.
    Meanwhile, I love your task #2 on W/E 5/17. You have added a comic tone to your blog. Nice.

    1. You are reading my mind! Next blog is about my resume workshop yesterday. And those who were reading my blog back in January, February got a good ole (aka boring) dose of my job complaints. I am def. halfway out the door, I am happy to say! And yes, I am injecting humor as a steam relief, hoping most readers see it.

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