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I am so excited, I have published my 1st book today. Gulp! It is a 75-page e-book for Kindle reader.

My heart is for helping Single Moms as you know, since I was one for 20+ years. Basically, it is the book I needed when my kids were younger, but I still get a lot out of my own advice of calm and inner peace, since I have not yet mastered it! I love it and hope it helps Moms out there feel courage to have more peace with themselves and their parenting. It is called 21 Days to Some Inner Peace for Single Moms: Reframing the Beautiful Chaos: Be Present. It is a 21 day daily reader, and the 1st few days were published here on my blog- Day #1, Be Present, Habits and Rewards, etc.

I used a book by my writing mentor and coach, Cynthia Morris titled The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World- Changing Book (also on Amazon). This book walked me step by step through the process and gave me incredible advice. Cynthia is at

Jim Paulson was my hands-on proofreader, publisher, and entrepreneurial coach was the conduit between me and the Amazon Kindle publishing process. He was fabulous because all I had to do was write, write, write, and proof, proof, proof what he did. He made it simple and kept encouraging me to do it when I hit those low spots 🤪. He can be reached at (mention my name for a discount).

You can do this, turn your writing into a book!

More soon~


    1. Thanks Mark! They are stories I have been collecting for 20+ years. Scary to make it public, but hoping it helps someone.

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