Vacation in Wisconsin

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It is so relaxing to be present. I found myself almost anesthetized when next to this little lake in Wisconsin last week. I think vacations away where we can just BE are good for the brain.

The swans were such a treat to see on our running path, they kept me going back daily to check on them. We were even treated with 6 or 7 cygnets!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” I can’t find who said that but I am refreshed and inspired to integrate living more into my life now. It is well worth the 18 hours on the road each way.


  1. I also love the quote you included. I was a single mom for 3 years before meeting my husband. Good for you for writing this blog and sharing your journey.

  2. Anne, I love the quote you included. The photos are amazing. Did you shoot them? Let me know when you get back and we can plan something. Are your chickens busy? Would they like a night out? Well, actually a day out. dddd

  3. Sounds, and looks, like paradise. The butterfly on the branch looks just like the one that visited us in May, probably 3000 miles north and west of you. Nature is incfredible.

    1. Yes, such gorgeous scenery there, really relaxing. I am trying to “notice the butterflies” all summer as a way to enjoy nature

      1. What I am noticing, here in the northlands, where wilderness abounds, is how very few butterfliies there are left to see.

        Where billions of butterflies once covered the prairies like oceans of bison roamed free, the bees and buttrflies are disappearing bits of nature. When they are gone, are we next?

      2. That is what i have noticed too. I am trying to do my little part with a butterfly garden and fresh water for them in my yard, and talking/writing about them 🤞

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