Be Intentional: Steps for Planting Seeds for Tomorrow’s Bounty

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Marie Kando’s book intimidates me. There is no way I could spend a day doing any one thing. I am just not up to piling every article of clothing up in one big pile. But I can go through one closet and find 2 coats to give away before breakfast on Saturday.

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We don’t have to fix it all in one day. We don’t have to pay off all the debt in one day, fix all the broken relationships, find the perfect job (and get hired), follow our “bliss” (whatever that is!), clear all clutter, organize all closets and cabinets, be the Rock Star business developer at work. We don’t do it all in one day. We can’t lose 10 pounds, fix the family’s diet, and turn the 18-year old who has been acting like a jerk since 15 into a person we don’t want to strangle all in one day.

Just plant tiny little seeds towards the goals today. And don’t water them too much, or watch over them constantly. I over-water so often, I kill the baby plants. Same goes for over-watching my progress (over-talking to kids (“So let’s go over birth control one more time!”), or over-clearing clutter so much I can’t find my keys).

1- Plant a small handful of seeds today. Send the estranged friend a text saying “Hello, how is it going? Thinking of you” not a 5-page email analyzing the last 10 years. Throw way one old danish (ahem… that I have been hoarding in its little wrapper since a June visit to the Holiday Inn). Pay down $10 to the credit card company, not the entire mortgage payment savings. Clean one shelf (Do I need the pumpkin pie spice if I just buy pies every year?).

2- Believe in the seeds you planted yesterday. Feel the emotions of already harvesting them. This is the crucial step, to feel what it feels like to have the seeds grown to fruition, harvested, and money in the account. As Jen Cincero says in chapter 7 of You are a Badass at Making Money: Act like you have the money in a warehouse down the street already, just waiting for you to finish up with your tasks. Have faith that your diligence towards it is working.

3-Plant another little handful of seeds tomorrow. Pay down another $10 in credit card debt. Answer the phone cheerfully when teenager calls (as if it will be great news at 9 pm). Send one LinkedIn re-connection message. Wipe down one shelf next to the spice cabinet.

4-Continue to believe in your seeds. You are making headway. It is not overwhelming. Give yourself credit for the planting you are doing. Write it down, say it out loud “I did some awesome things today. I started towards some important goals. And I am a Badass at getting things done”.

We are setting intentions, adding actions, and watching the goals (miracles!) manifest!

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