Covid Coping: Day 9 -Shadow Comforts

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Janet Louden and Brene Brown describe Shadow Comforts, a new concept for me… Brent book is a gold mine for leaders, such as single moms!!!

Shadow Comforts are those things we do for ourselves, thinking they are treats we deserve. But the cost is extremely high actually.


Eating chocolate chip cookies for dinner but gives me a stomach ache later.

Buying take out dinner is warm and cozy, fills me with satisfaction until I see the bill and realize I overdrafts my account.

Drinking 3+ glasses of wine on a work night definitely relaxes me for 3 or 4 hours, but the next morning I feel like crap rolled over my a semi truck and my 8 hours of the work day is a mess.

I need to crave the opposite of Shadow Comforts. How about if we seek “sunshiney comforts”. Make up your own list of choosing sunshine over shadows options. Write them down on a post-it note. Look for your list at 5 pm when we would normally be running for cover from the workday. I attached 4 photos. Which one is the shadow comfort?

You got this!

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