Day 12*: Being a Human Today

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We all make mistakes. We all wish we were smarter, more beautiful, thinner, richer, stronger, kinder, etc.

“Never beat yourself up for being human”. Betty Rocker (her website)

Let’s face it. We are all on the journey, whether we are 14, 44, or 74. Our lives don’t just magically become worked out and perfect when we turn 26. No one’s does (and if they tell you they did, don’t believe them!). We are all perfectly human, and that means we make mistakes.

So let’s give ourselves and the people around us (at the kitchen table, on the couch, on the Zoom meeting, in our front yard, etc.) the gift of watching us be human today. Share our faults, frailties and bad judgement.

Can we be lovingly human to ourselves and others? Love the perfectly human crease between our brows, the strange long hair growing from the mole on our leg, the forgetting of an important name or term at work, and yes, even the dark sad moments of our COVID loneliness. We are human. COVID times don’t feel good. And that feeling, rather than being ignored or ashamed of can be embraced and accepted. Observed. We are humans with hearts and we are lonely for other hearts.

Touch it, feel it, then love the human we are with the moles, hairs, creases, and feelings of loneliness, anger, sadness, frustration. All those feelings. We have them because we are human.

You got this!

*I don’t know what the counting of days is. I really am sick of counting how many months or days we have been in this pandemic. Someone tell me- what does this Day # mean on my title???

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