A Clean Slate

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Every day is a clean slate, a fresh new snowy white covered space to color; like a canvas. Anything we want to shadow, shine, color purple or white, add puffs of clouds, rays of light, or even erase. What are the words you want to use today to color your world? Your childrens’ world?

Your colors, your energy, your outward facing panorama is your gift to others, and of course your gift to your inner soul as well. What coloring will you do today?

Which paintbrush will you use for the colors and energy you spread? Will it be a soft wet sponge to dab your color around softly and lovingly? Perhaps you want a broad, thick bristled house painting brush to lay on the laughter and joy very thick, much like a belly laugh after a good joke coats the interaction you share with a treasured friend. Or maybe you want a meticulous, small, dainty brush to pay attention to the details – the way a girl arches one eyebrow while watching in earnest with her hands clasped in front of her. Today might be the day for the slanted edging paintbrush to encourage the boy, finishing touches around the edges with words of affirmation.

What about your canvas of receiving energy today. Is it smooth or bumpy ? Are you a flat shiny slab of marble, mostly impermeable? Or bumpy popcorn textured canvas taking in everything around you, maybe too much energy, or maybe it just takes a lot of energy to cover up the base inside.

Our slates and our colors are ours today to paint, present, and hold on to whatever we wish. It is our life and our choice. We are the one standing in front of the canvas with the pallet and jar of brushes, all just waiting for us…

Write down your colors today. Say them out loud, and find the marker/paintbrush. Make this painting yours!


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