“I’m Here for the Habit”

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“I’m only here for the habit.”

“It’s all about the habit.”

“This is for the habit”.

“Just do the habit”.

That last one was my mantra this morning. I didn’t have time to do a proper workout, or spend as much time as I wanted on my writing, and had to just go with my hair frizzy. Literally, over and over, I said “Just do the habit” this morning, really quite broken record-ish.

-I repeated this mantra when I wanted to stay in bed instead of turning off alarm and starting my Monday. Do you ever just ignore the alarm dinging away? I do, I actually pretend it doesn’t bother me and that it will go away… I tried that, and all I got was a salty mood out of it. So I gave up ignoring and said over and over “I am only getting out of bed for the habit” as a way to quiet that woman who was complaining incessantly about her lack of blanket and pillow. But I did get out of bed.

-I repeated it again, about 10 times when I realized it was 18 degrees outside and I only had 10 minutes to run. It meant I spent more time getting dressed than actually applying feet to pavement. But I kept repeating it as I tied my shoes and leashed up the dog. I ran 3/4 of a quick mile and the dog peed mid-leap over the snow banks. But the point is, we did it!

-“It is all about the habit” I kept saying when I realized I had 17 minutes to write my free write and eat lunch today because yes, I had messed around during the previous 13 minutes of my lunch break. I still wrote though!

I am a classic putzer. I can putz around for two hours before work begins. This means I may wake up at 6 am, but will look at the clock at 7:55 am un-showered, un-dressed, un-brushed, and unprepared for the 8 am Zoom meeting. So I keep a scarf and jacket on my chair along with hair goop to try to flatten the frizzies. (And I promise myself that I will work on the habits).

It is a daily struggle against the chitter-chatter in my brain. But this morning, I am happy to say, the broken record mantras worked! I’m developing my mini-habits, as my post about habits and rewards describes. And broken records still work!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

PS- 3 days later, on Wednesday, still doing my record broken mantra, and had time to run, shower AND write before my 7:30 mtg. So mantras help us improve, too 😀.


  1. That’s quite a good idea for getting out of bed and much better than mine. This usually entails a few insults and words I would never repeat here 😂 I know that 6am to 7:55am diversion only too well. I blame technology 😂

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