I Am “All Clicked Out”

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I Am “All Clicked Out for the Weekend”

I am sure some of you feel the same- such a constant landslide of emails, Teams chats, Slack messages, Teams meetings, Zoom meetings, reports to write, spreadsheets to fill, and texts coming in all week. And then the end of the day, or the weekend hits. Fridays it feels soooooo good to shut off the computer. It is such a satisfying “snap” when I shut the top of that sucker down! Slam! Blam! Boom! An explosion of clearing.

Ha! I am gone now. You cannot find me, you streaming electrons of brain death…  Yes, I am lucky to have a job, a great job.  It is not impossible to succeed like my last one. It is suited to my skills and abilities. My boss is confident and encouraging of my abilities and plans, and colleagues are supportive and fun to work with.

But that ‘Snap’ at the end of the day and weeks is music to my ears. A symphony of possibilities exists now that my screen is closed. A bike ride, yoga class, books to read on paper, a newspaper, a garden to enjoy. Heck- pulling weeds and scooping dog doo sounds heavenly!  Maybe I will go on a hike, or cut a bouquet of flowers, walk the dog, sit and have a glass of wine with my neighbor.

“I am clicked out by Friday at 5 pm” I proudly proclaim. (Is that a teeny air of superiority I hear?)  I am a nature girl at heart. I cannot imagine typing or working on my book.

“I need a break, folks!” (Is that a defensive feeling in my chest?)

“I cannot imagine working on my own projects on screen. Tomorrow I will do that, first thing!” (Yes, I have heard that before…)

So I sit outside, to plan my weekend of passionate play and writing. “I can skip writing today, I am tired”. (Oh really? So so tired, really? What about that writing goal?) I am sitting outside, confidently ignoring my writing goal. It feels… a little hot. Is that a bug creepily crawling on my leg? Oh, a spider! The traffic is a little loud. I close my eyes and imagine calm. Calm… It works for two minutes before the neighbor’s dog barks. I am a little… Antsy? Bored? Not done yet? The chickens cluck around for a relaxing bit. I enjoy it for about three minutes. You said you were tired, that you had “nothing left”, and needed a break from thinking, doing, typing.  What is this?

So I sneak a look, just a little peak- yes, a teeny tiny little look at, yes, you guessed it.  My phone screen. Argh! Curses, my procrastinating reasoning about why I-cannot-write-today are foiled again.  I guess I can type up a story after all. Apparently I have a few clicks and key strokes left in me. There you are. Welcome back, my writing/typing friend and muse.  You can do this.


  1. ‘I am sitting outside, confidently ignoring my writing goal.’
    When I tell that’s the most sentence I have ever read;)
    Very nice post, good luck to you!

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