Living MY Best Life

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What does living my best life mean anyway? Living it for me, not parents, partner, kids, or friends. How do I define what is best for me?

My friend Jim hunts and fishes most weekends between principaling schools. Friend Mary teaches, mentors, counsels, heals and channels between life with her self and her family. My boss Brian plays guitar in a band. Clint runs and trains runners between GIS jobs.

What do I do? My passion is________? My values are _________? Writing?(a super lonely pursuit), Running? ( I am so slow, and now my knees hurt) Teaching? (I stopped teaching high school decades ago). Whatwhatwhat??? I am staying afloat… But what am I floating towards? I want to have a sail up, rudder in, heading somewhere. I need more focus…

It is ok to ask these questions: Where the heck am I? How can I have more space and time for my passions? Energy for my evening passions? Or better yet, how can I turn the work I am paid to do into a more passionate, energy-giving endeavor?


  1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it.
    I love writing about life/people… getting into their heads once you have created them. By the way, Janine was my favourite character to write. I’ll be interested in your opinion 😊

  2. Interesting questions I guess you should be asking them
    I am lucky, I’ve always done whatever I want. Luckily they’ve never been things that cause distress to others. Y’know like, bank robber or mad axeman. As I get bored easily it’s always meant changing direction 🤷🏻
    I would say write, I don’t see it as lonely because I have all these characters to manage 😂

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