Club Awesome List for Friday April 23, 2010

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Club Awesome List for Friday April 23, 2010
Blessings I am thankful for this week (culled from my daily lists) Feel free to comment with yours!!
“The root of joy is gratefullness… It is NOT joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful”. (Father David Steindl-Rast

1. After 54 1/2 years, my parents have each other to have and to hold and to listen to. Heaven knows I could not last 54 days under the same roof with either of them! Thank God that they still have each other….

2. My sisters Molly, Donna, and Mina. They love and inspire me with their courageous lives.

3. My incredible pre-teen kids. They are so completely lovable in their imperfections and phases. I get irritated with how much he texts and how messy her room is, but they are joys in my life and I am so lucky to have them, their sense of humor, their smiles, their wisdom, and the responsibility to raise them.

4. “We are becoming who we pretend to be” (Wayne Dyer). Thank God that I can start my life becoming someone whom I want to be each and every day all over again.

5. Running in the rain is a joyful experience! Especially for a girl in Colorado who grew up in the midwest and misses humidity… (I know, that is blasphemous, but true!)


  1. You made me LOL this evening with comment #1 (which was much needed as the little guy has been pushing my buttons all week!) and made me think you are crazy with comment #5!!!! 🙂

    1. I can explain the patience I have with rainy weather while everyone here is gnashing their teeth at 5 days without the sun (wimps!). Helllloooooooo, growing up in Illinois, we could go 65 days without the sun! …That button thing only gets bigger and easier for them to push as they age- you should have seen my gigantic button last night getting ready for dinner- son says “Why am I helping YOU get dinner ready? I have iTunes work I NEED to do, and it is very IMPORTANT”… grrrrr.

      : ) How do you do those smiley things in your notes? You are a total pro…

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