Club Awesome April 30, 2010

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April 30, 2010 Club Awesome List
(My gratitude highlights for the week)
1. It is almost full-blown berry season! Yummy yum, my favorite food is berries, any kind at all.
2. TGIF. Phew. Harsh week for some folks… I am lucky and grateful to be getting by with only exhaustion as my complaint. (Although the black spots in front of my eyes are beginning to become part of the landscape… Is it hailing in my office?)
3. The full moon is over now, so we can all quit with the wonky behavior.
4. I am (mostly) keeping my brain out of analysis-benthic-bottom-feeder mode and sticking with levity and lightness in the littoral zone with the dolphins.
5. Spring in the Rockies: shorts weather Wednesday and woke up to snow Thursday! The snow stopped and melted by 10 am to show green grass, tulips, and clear blue sky. Beautiful dusting on the foothills expected all weekend (aka no shorts weather until weekend is over, but that is ok, July will be blistering!).

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