Friday May 14, 2010 Club Awesome List

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Friday May 14, 2010 Club Awesome List
(My weekly top 5 gratitude list)
1. Trips for work that allow me to sleep extra, eat out at good restaurants, run more miles, and work more hours than when I work and live at home.
2. Trips for work that are so busy that I sleep less, run less, eat way too much, drink too much, but work plenty and have a really fun time.
3. Northern Nevada views of snowy mountains, pine trees, sagebrush, and low light during long days and long drives between tiny little towns.
4. My kids took care of business while I was out of town, growing in responsibility… even the dog got walked without me nagging!
5. I have a great job that allows me lots of variation in my work and excellent opportunities to learn more every day. (If my boss is reading this, feel free to give me a bonus!)

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