Club Awesome for Friday May 28, 2010

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Club Awesome for Friday May 28, 2010

The purpose of this weekly blog entry is really a selfish one, despite the title. I find that if I am not held accountable for gratitude on a daily basis, I let it slip and tend to think of the things I do not have rather than my blessings. So maybe these lists don’t do as much for you as they do for me. However, I hope they inspire you to think creatively about your life and what you are grateful for today.

1. The single moms ministry at my Church is growing by leaps and bounds these days; so exciting to see!
2. School is out, so I will be reminded daily to relax and enjoy myself and summer because that is what my kids will be doing. Is work REALLY all that important anyway? (I know, I know, somebody needs to buy the hotdogs on the grill)
3. Cheeseburgeres and hotdogs on the grill.
4. My fat dog Max is always up for a run. I wish I could have that unconditional loving attitude and unbridled enthusiasm for life even if I had to eat the same damn food day in and day out.
5. Irises are a really cool plant. They grow with minimal water, need little care, and have those intense flowers that are so intricate and beautiful.
6. “Live life to the fullest. Laugh like you’re going to die. Love like there is no tomorrow” -Summer Goodwin (I interpret that as a directive to go to Dairy Queen more often)

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