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Enjoying the path we are on today seems to be SO important, and yet I need help with it. I cannot quite “flip the switch” and be in contentment and trust sometimes. I can get too muddled up in my analysis mode, which then morphs into the guilt mode if I let it run rampant. Before I know it, I am a slobbering mess.

I find I need something more tangible to hold on to than a command to “live in the present”. Wayne Dyer (The Power of Intention) recommends we visualize a trolley strap above our heads when we feel anxious or worried about where life is taking us. The trolley strap is God’s hand, and it is always there, always available if we just look up and grab it. We can even close our eyes and just focus on the trolley strap if life is feeling like a roller coaster. I like that!

I have had a little bit of a roller coaster the last few weeks- road trip with kids across country for a family reunion with siblings, parents, nieces, nephews and dogs. Going home is always a mixed bag. We know that going in… I think that we can still become disappointed, even though we knew it was not a trip to Hawaii. I was in gorgeous northern Wisconsin with beautiful lakes, blue sky, tall TALL pines, loons calling, bald eagles soaring, no stoplights, gentle breezes, winding roads to run on, and fish that jump into the boat when you dangle the bait. Phenomenal! But I had a hard time sleeping, ate differently, my relatives got on my nerves, and I was able to reconnect with some friends, but not all, and was generally able to feel content less often than I preferred. So- contentment on my path, my way in life, was elusive. But last night I found a very effective meditation that I want to share with you.

I am walking on this gorgeous walking path just wide enough for one person. Sometimes it has colored transparent stones on the surface that reflect the sunlight. Other times, the path is made of gold stones, like the Yellow Brick Road for Dorothy and Elton John. More often, I notice it has nice little cobbles that are easy to walk on and are a comforting tan and brown mottled color. My friend Alison said she wanted her path to be of black fine sand that was softer than silk under her bare feet. There is a little ledge at the edge of the path so I know I am safe. I won’t fall out of it. There are trees growing so tall nearby that I cannot see the tops. And the beautiful sky is brilliant blue, and sometimes has big puffy clouds. I notice and take in each and every detail with as much focus and specificity as possible.

The entire pathway is not clear; I cannot see where it goes except a few steps beyond where my feet are right now. But I know that the path is going upward and to beautiful places amongst the trees that I don’t even know exist yet. I feel special and loved on this path, so IT IS ALL GOOD. I can trust this path will continue, so I enjoy the beautiful views around me where I am walking today. Today’s path is really perfect for me, the stones are just the right size to walk on, and the ledge is just the right height.
Everything I need today is on the path for me, right here.

I get nervous about my relationship with my friends, wonder if I am being a good enough mom to my kids, feel cranky that grocery purchases will be minimized this week, and I wonder if my parents will live a long long time like I want them to. When this happens, I can choose to look down at the beautiful rocks on my path that I am walking on to see that right now is just perfect and extraordinarily beautiful. The relationships we are experiencing, the work we are doing, the love and abundance we are giving to the world is all extraordinarily and amazingly attractive. We can relax because we only need to stay right here, right now, on these beautiful cobbles, where history is being made.


  1. Hi Anne, I really like your description of how you can’t see far ahead of yourself on the path. Staying in the present. We only have what we can see right now and what is right in front of us.

    I love your photos.

    Yes, I know what you mean about having your rhythm in your home and eating when and what you love. My two trips have shown me what that is like. Fortunately DeAnna eats even better then me, but yet it’s in someone else s home, and someone else s rhythm.

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