Day 3 through the End Lodging, Eating, and Digesting

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A Journey of 1000 miles begins with 4 trips to the ATM. Truly! I was so frazzled from packing, laundry, working, laundry, packing, that I couldn’t figure out how much money I needed, couldn’t get enough out of the ATM, and THEN, at the last minute decided I took too much out and needed to put some back in. I was headed to the Wisconsin Northwoods, and ATMs are VERY few and far between. So I went to the ATM 4 times the day before we left on our road trip. I also bought enough cheetohs and chips and bubble gum to feed an entire 2nd grade classroom.

The lodging dilemma at our destination begins in confusion and ends in confusion. I had vowed I would no longer sleep at my parents’ home in Wisconsin (for various misfunctional reasons). But that just was not possible. Father-in-laws got sick, sisters got busy, bank accounts dwindled, and there I was sleeping on my parents’ hide-a-bed, which every over-40 child hopes never to do again. But we do. We all do it. Because if we miss 4th of July at the lake, God will strike us down and we will have single-handedly ruined the family reunion by not showing up.

John 10:10 – I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

But that verse is not meant to apply to septic tanks. My parents’ home sleeps 15 in various beds and couches. We jammed in 8 grown digestive systems, 6 international visitors with really high cleanliness standards and 5 children. All in a home with 3 toilets and 2 showers. Luckily, my American children hardly ever bathed; they took it for the team.

It is a tricky thing to eat 12 3-course dinners in a row with a group of 20 for one who prefers time alone for about 25 minutes a day to recharge her batteries. She ends up hiding in corners blogging while they discuss the fish that got away. She wakes at 3:30 am to sit in peace and quiet and wonder how the hell she turned up on the hide-a bed. She drinks too much on the 4th of July because she is terrified to be stuck inside the house with the houseful and a small-town bar with old friends and kids jacked up on sugar from 2 parades in one day seems easier to handle than family. She loves her family, and enjoys being with them, but the constant togetherness…

The trip was actually a very good one. Scenes were had, feelings were hurt, grown people cried, fish hooks ended up in the wrong places, but healing also occurred and relationships were takento the next level. To write more about the trip would require many many more pages of blog, and school starts next week. So we all move onward!


  1. Thanks B. I’m glad it was funny : ). I wonder if I am brave to stay there for 2 weeks, or to tell anyone about the craziness of it all and how crazy my brain became there?

  2. Again, very satisfying. Accurate. And makes the reader feel like less of a social outcast/complete and utter failure at family life that involves more than one person. Very well done!!!!! You are very, very brave and funny, Anne.

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