Living the Richest Life: Mining for Diamonds

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Yes, I write about uncomfortable crap you would rather not live through. But if you have the stomach to get to the end of the struggle, you will see that I am living and telling you about it so that we can cut the crap and “bring it” all to life. Bring it all, baby.

God promises rain will arrive. There are no free rides on the Serenity Train and the rains will be back again and again. But, also, time and time again, you and I will survive, learn, grow closer to God, and love ourselves and others more deeply than before.

That is where I always end up, at the end of each blog, struggle, and tantrum– loving me and others better and deeper than before.

So, if you are looking for daisies and roses in this blog, you won’t get them. I’m digging deep, getting the bullshit up and out; rooting out the rabid hamster from the depths of her soul to find rubies and diamonds. I live large, and I intend to continue to live large. I’m bringing it all, not skipping over, hiding, or burying. I don’t want you to either. Especially not if you are my friend.

I expect God to be there with me and you and that goldfish-gaping-girl-rabid-hamster. And if you can make it to the end of the struggle; if you have stomach enough, you will find God there too. He always is. He never disappoints me.

I’m living it and pushing life to a higher level. I train for and run half marathon races, my kids and I ski and board black diamonds over 20 days a year, I work hard as a (usually assistant) project manager, we vacation, I have very little debt, I don’t lie, and I have even bigger dreams and hopes for us. My kids don’t have an X-Box 360 or PS3. We have a trampoline.

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And it is good. It is really good.

Doubts about the goodness of life can be cast aside and we can love and live fully, knowing we are living and providing the richest experiences life offers. No, I am not living on a yacht in the Mediterranean, I am living authentically, faithfully, honestly, and fully in love, and that is the richest life of all. I want that for everyone.


  1. Anne, very well said. Yes your blog is at a new higher level. All is very well understood and interesting to read.Good. I don’t see the little rabid hamster.

    1. Hi Delia-
      The rabid hamster is right here, working in the cubicle next to you! : ) Thanks for reading my blog and being so supportive.

    1. Thanks so much, Mark for reading and offering your comments and support. This is a fun place to muse and I appreciate all of your feedback.

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