One Whole Year, Thanks Readers!

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Wow, it has been 1 year since I ventured/stumbled onto this blogging thing. What a fun year! Anyone with a love of writing should definitely try it. Go to; the directions are very easy.

I still do both, but have found that writing my blogs here for you is so much more motivating than journaling. I keep in mind my mission when I write for you: to share authentic thoughts, dreams and hopes for single parents, to share the honest truth in each entry so that you know you aren’t alone when you feel crazy.

I have about 15 subscribers, some of you are the sweetest dearest friends I have, and others are total strangers (whose blogs I am really enjoying reading!). I am honored that you all take time to read my blog. I hope I don’t waste too much of your time with my rants, irritate you with my character flaws, or grate on you with my spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes. Thanks for your patience, support and excellent guidance. I love hearing topics you wish I would write about. And thanks for letting me know when I hit the button for you.

I have over 3000 hits on this site, so I want to thank whomever it is that has been punching my address in 10 times a day. Wow, you must have sore thumbs! And I apologize to those of you who came to this web site, thinking it would teach you how to build an actual 3-legged table. I am only about stabilizing the table we already have.

More soon.  Thanks for stopping by : )


  1. Anne, I don’t know how you do it. The complete formulation of the words you use to express thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions!!! Always Amazing!!! Happy One Year!!!

  2. No Way!?….A year already? I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and all your wit and wisdom. You help me deal with my kids, my money problems, my “want it now” feelings and lots of stuff…So nice to have another source and point of view to go to. Thanks Annie for being there and sharing your life….Keep living and keep writing!:)


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