Blind Date Brain Prep

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Ok, tell me the steps to prepping for a blind date! I know the most important one is to have low expectations…

I have done, have dated my best friend’s brother, my daughter’s best friend’s father, my coworker, and a few others. I have done very little of the ‘set-up’ thing. I guess it is time.

I told the setter-upper to give me a week to prep before she gives him my number… that is probably too long. This blind man is tall and French. I am short and midwestern. By the time a week goes by, I will have analyzed a person to death that I have not even met yet. 

I should imitate my dog when he takes the loaf of bread on the counter: grab it, devour it, feel guilty for a minute if it wasn’t right, but then move on to the couch to sleep it off.


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