That Yucky Almost-birthday Feeling

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Well, I practiced with the shoes for next weekend finally today, and my daughter got lost in the grocery store. When she found me, she said “Mom, I didn’t recognize you, you look so pretty today!” Is she used to me melting in with the customers at Wal-Mart or what?!?

I got may nails done for my birthday tomorrow, but I have been working most of the day in the office, and my nose is starting to run and I am feeling like the 3 ice teas at lunch are taking a toll on my energy. I had my eyebrows waxed, and they are still red. My chin is breaking out. I’m thinking tomorrow is not going to be a really glamorous day…

It is taking a lot of wrist-rubber band snapping/praying today on the starving orphans in India/Africa to get off of the poor-me mentality (see comments from this post: I am just not feeling it for 46 years old. Blech. Not a cute number at all. 41 is cute and sexy. 38 is darling. 44 is smart and wise and together. But 46?!? What kind of an age is THAT?!

It is almost 6 pm. I might be able to redeem my feelings about my birthday tomorrow if I
1) eat an apple and banana for dinner and save the doughnuts for breakfast;
2) google starving orphans photos so that I feel better about my own kids I abandoned for the weekend of work (and pray for them);
3) do not give my mom the usual Sunday night phone call;
4) drink lots of water and meditate on the”inner beauty and wisdom” I have found this past year (really?!?);
5) remind myself that my hormones change about every 8 hours, so I will feel different when I wake up in the morning; and
6) finish my work so that I can go home and take my daughter back to Wal-Mart with me


  1. How was your Birthday? I did try to call, hope you had a wonderful day.

    PS – Are you guys heading to Wisconsin for the 4th? I will be in Green Bay for a few days End of June first of July. Is that anywhere close?

    1. My birthday was fine- I spent it with the 2 people I love most in the whole world and we had a great time- ate sushi, took a bike ride, and relaxed.

      I am only going to Wisconsin this year for about 5 days, in mid-July. I don’t have enough vacation to be there any longer. You will love where you are going, it is very lush and green–quite different from Texas!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anne!!!
    What number is 46? Well, 4 is a neighbour of 3 and 6 is a double three… since three is your favourite number, 46 is a wonderful one too 🙂
    And remember, your daughter is always right! You look pretty!

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