“Name, Name, What is in a Name?”

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“Name, Name, What is in a Name?” I think Romeo said that to Juliet. It turns out my name in my blog address was bumming me out. I didn’t want bosses, neighbors, or family members to stumble on my blog on the internet (Secretly you know it is because I was afraid I would fall in love with a hot guy whom would be on the verge of asking me to go to Tahiti with him for 2 weeks on his private jet because he cannot imagine life without me. But as we are leaving for the airport, he would google my name, see what a case I can be, and drop me for the cashier at the grocery store who appears so together in her appearance).

In an attempt to become anonymous, and hopefully even more honest about my thoughts, I have decided to change my blog address. My new one is http://www.3leggedtable.wordpress.com. I hope you were able to come along and find me, I have enjoyed your comments and glad you took the time to read my blather.

I have been on vacation, from work, writing, kids, and of course cooking, for the last 2 weeks. I will be back soon with a blog entry to get us back together again. Stay tuned!

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