The perfect bookcase

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I finally found the perfect bookcase room divider for my bedroom.  It is about 4 or 5 feet long, and the same tall. Is dark wood to match the rest of my furniture, and the perfect height and width to function as a room divider too. 

I am ready to buy it, except for that “food thing”. If we just didn’t have to eat, I could buy some kick-ass furniture at Ikea!

They have loft beds too that would be perfect for my kids rooms and so much fun too.  Can’t we just skip buying groceries this one month?!


  1. SD, I am going to try that! Do you think they will mind if we eat rice and ketchup every night? I will give it a fancy name: Rice Cacciatore to help the disguise.

  2. Is there any chance that they’re gullible enough you can convince them about a “low-food” diet you’re all going to try (until you’ve saved enough to pay for the bedroom bookcase divider)?

    Note: if they’re old enough to competently use Google, this could backfire badly! 🙂

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