Mind Over Matter

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Wow-Wow-Wow.  I went to the best lecture last night, I bought the CD too, was so impressed with what he was teaching us.  I really recommend you watch this video.  Have you seen “What the Bleep” movie?  He was on it, and works on brain chemistry and emotions and our reality.  This is such interesting stuff.  

He teaches mind over matter, basically. And that we can and often are, held hostage by our past emotions from experiences that may have occurred 20 years ago (for me, it is 14 years ago, as well as last year, last week, etc.).  I am really excited to change my reality by changing my brain chemistry by changing my thoughts patterns.  I love a good science lecture, and anything that helps me feel empowered.  He does both!  So tra la!  

Here is a youtube video, and there are a bunch more online.  Check it out!



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