Resolution to Resolve, Evolve, Revolve

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Bit by bit, getting better.
Slowly evolving a new habit.
My resolutions have to be an every day thing.  Otherwise, I debate myself. “Is this the day I run? I think Tuesday is better. Not today.” Then Tuesday I wake up and think “Tuesday is a terrible day to run. I like Wednesday”. I spendt my entire running window debating if 3 or 5 days is better. So, I resolve now to pick quick easy daily resolutions to help me be happier:
1. I run every day
2. I do laundry every day
3. I spend 15 minutes every day writing

Revolve: each trip around the sun, I seem to come back to the same issues, balance and self-discipline.



If I resolve to these daily, then my energy is spent DOING them, and getting on with my life, rather than brain calisthenics trying to get out of my chores…

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