That Mom

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Some Moms just aren’t nice.  Some ladies are bitter, mean, resentful women who think life gave them a raw deal.  Some women believe their life is harder than everyone’s around them. Some Moms aren’t satisfied no matter how much we do for them. That Mom isn’t happy and may not want to be. We can allow that. But we need rules:

  • Don’t be That Mom – you are too strong and too beautiful to succumb to self-pity
  • Don’t live near your Mom if she is That Mom. She will outlast you.
  • Don’t believe That Mom. You really are a wonderful piece of work!
  • Don’t buy into That Mom’s world. You know better than that!
  • Don’t believe you can ever be enough or do enough for That Mom to see things differently.
  • Be bigger than That Mom.  Find the antidote to her. She is a depressant.
  1. Cook a good healthy meal
  2. Write a kind letter to another Mom
  3. Paint a beautiful scene; look at beautiful scenery
  4. Take a walk
  5. Sing a song
  6. Hug a Dad
  7. Hug That Mom and walk away, she probably IS depressed, and needs your help. But just for today, you need self-preservation.



  1. You’re are definitely not that mom. Keep doing what you do this world is better for having u in it.

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