Never Forget the Value of Your Personal Routine

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When I have a crappy day, I try to remember that tomorrow is another day.  I can go to bed tonight, get up when my alarm goes off, and start all over again.  New fresh clean starts, washed by the darkness of night, surrounded by a little routine activity like hot tea and meditation 1st thing, dog walk 2nd thing, etc. get us all going in the right direction again.  My morning routine involves quite a list: meditate, thanks, write, read a little, teeth, walk dog, workout, shower, drive. Sometimes that takes me 3 hours. Gulp!

Some evenings I just fall to pieces.  The shear volume of work, the lack of rest and rejuvenation, the dirt on the kitchen cupboards (still!), the unfolded laundry on the kitchen table is a metaphor for the undone-ness of the weekend.

7:30 pm is NOT too early to call it.  Go to bed and get a good fresh start on tomorrow :).


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