Preserving Quiet Time

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I love podcasts! A good comedy station on Pandora beats up on a bad rumination cycle while I am cooking dinner.  I look forward to books on tape when I am commuting.  And I love Netflix, and I adore reading books. And and and. But my brain requires downtime when it doesn’t need to focus on anything.  I actually get energized and solve problems faster if I have non-thinking time each day.  How long do I have to go without? I don’t know; I guess it varies.

But I hearby vow to take 15 minutes at a stretch every single day to protect my brain from input.  I will scoop poop, chop carrots, fold socks walk the dog, and promote nothingness in my brain to let the spaghetti in there unwind, uncontrolled by me.  Yes, I meditate, but this is in addition to that practice. I won’t guide it anywhere I will just let the puzzle pieces fall back into place all by themselves.

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