I Can’t Cut Out the Sleep

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I have this fantasy that I only need 5 hours of sleep a night to be a normally functioning person with rational responses to stress, a functioning immune system, a full range of emotions, and of course still a fun sense of humor and lightheartedness. Ha!

Efficiency experts and famous zillionaire novelists say they sacrificed sleep to write their 1st novels, keep exercising, work 60 hours on their business, and home school their kids. All while working the family farm.

I cannot do that. The cobbler’s elves don’t live at my house doing laundry in the middle of the night. We are already on a thin razor’s edge of keeping the shit from hitting the plates in the air as they careen towards the fan. There is no sleep to lose. I need all I can get. You do too. So I made a list of things we could consider eliminating to help get more sleep:

  1. Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, watching TV/Netflix, and internet surfing are obvious items on the chopping block to give us more time to sleep.
  2. What about eating sugar and drinking alcohol? They impact my sleep. Can we live without ice cream and chocolate?
  3. If we cleared clutter from the entire house: even got rid of extra food in the pantries and clothes from the closets, would that simplify and life and make decisions easier so we sleep better?

Challenge #1: Just keep considering what we can simplify.

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