Putting Ourselves Out There- A Passion Project

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I’d really really like to curl up with a good cup of chai (tea), some hot blueberry muffins, a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, and relax this Saturday morning. And maybe then coast in all day in my PJs.  Just call it a PJ day and give in to the flannel… Take a break, right?! I deserve a good couch meld.  You do too. It has been a hell of a long week.  Hella long.

But- I’m going to put myself out there today with my Passion Project.  My Passion Project is what energizes me, gives me purpose and excitement.  It creates some extra good brain juice (serotonin maybe?), and helps my heart sing. You, Dear Reader are my Passion Project.  I want to talk with you and share my life experiences as a Single Mom.  I want you to know that even though it is hard and Lonely Work (capital letters!), you are not alone.  I am here to help you lift yourself up, help you be light(er).  I want you to feel light enough these days that if you step in cat throw-up barefooted in the dark morning, (and it was kinda my fault when that happened to me, because I forgot to feed the hungry kitty for a full 24 hours, and she gulped it down and then swooshed back up on the carpet), you can laugh at the goop squeezing between our toes.

You can squeal and giggle at the grossness and let your kids see you spontaneously joyful at life’s unexpected (and mostly harmless because the cat has food in her bowl) surprises. Your kids will be so grateful to you (now and later).  We do need to step back, buck up, and laugh at ourselves.  How awesome is that for our kiddies? We can do it.  We can lighten up.

Sooooo, my Passion Project step up to lighten up is this blog/book/podcast thingy I am developing.  After 3 months on my To-Do list, this Late Lady is going to get out there and do a podcast.  Terrifying.  I hate the sound of my voice.  I’ll be vulnerable, so vulnerable!! I am not sure what I will say, but I am going to make a recording today, and share it with you tomorrow.

Breakthrough #21: What is your Passion Project these days (you can swap it out any day). It might be your photography, your blog, your book, your music, your art, your side hustle.  What is your next step with growing it along? Write it down.  Find a sticky note, or a paper towel to write on.  Share it in the comments here. Whisper it in the dark, or tell the anonymous grocery cashier.  Whatever, just get it out into the world somehow.  Then laugh, because we added heart juice to our brains, thinking about our creation… And we are braver today than yesterday.  It isn’t so scary.

More soon,

orange tabby cat on gray blanket
Photo by Tatiana Аzatskaya on Pexels.com




It feels like girlfriend time for my soul, with the perfect friend who only says wonderful things


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