Podcasting is… Odd!

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“Ahem, uh… oh wait”. Restart.

“Hi, This is Anne. Oh please, not that way…  Not that voice”. Restart.

“3, 2, 1, Hi, This is Anne. You are listening to 3-Legged Tables. A podcast about Single Moms, er, Single Parents.  I mean, anyone can listen.  It is just goofball stories. Ugh…” Stop. Erase. Where is the button?!?!? Ick. This is weird. What am I doing? What do I have to say?!? I don’t know anything.  No one will listen, and I am glad, because it sounds so weird.  Oh my goodness, what if someone does listen?!

I really have no answers, no advice.  All I can do is share my journey.  It is a journey of a Single Mom with impulsive issues (I decided to raise chickens one Saturday morning and still have them 8 years later).  I get mad too quickly sometimes (Son can tell when I am angry because my eyes bug out apparently).  I don’t appreciate the moment quite often.  And my divorces are novels unto themselves. My kids are young adults now, and I am still parenting, still remembering those days like yesterday when Son smeared blueberry poop all over his crib, and when Daughter clung so tightly at bedtime, I thought I might suffocate.  And then suddenly Son was tall and getting into different trouble, and suddenly we had lawyers on the payroll. And Daughter was so intelligent at 17, yet wouldn’t get out of bed because she was depressed. Now Mom has lots of gray hair when she looks in the mirror. Luckily these things all passed, we all learned from them and I can color my hair.

All I can do is share my journey, my Experience, Strength and Hope.  Just like in Al-anon. I am on this journey with you, and have nothing magical, just know that today I feel better by sharing goofball stories with you, and by writing my answers to tough questions I found I had to ask myself. So I share those questions with you too.

Pen and paper is magical that way for me, (computer keys and screens for others). It is my Inner Soul Champion, leaking out the tip of my pen on to the paper.

Breakthrough Topic: How do you find wisdom? Your Inner champion? Will you share your Journey?

More soon,

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    1. Well, I certainly am slow in getting it up on some podcast site-thing. I keep recording and playback sounds awful! So I still have a few challenges ahead… (namely How and What to say ;))

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