Ready for Your Re-Frame/Breakthrough Spiral?

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Who is ready to go? Do you have your Breakthrough Spiral started yet? Did you buy a special spiral notebook at Target, or a leather bound notebook at a bookstore?  Or maybe you are using one of your kids’ old spelling notebooks like me because who has time to buy a new one?

This is a place where we can track our progress.  This is a place where we are writing our new ideas, our re-frames.  This is not necessarily where I whine about my boss my Mom, my mistakes, or free write anxiously about money issues.  This is all about growth and going places.  The anxious journaling is important. If we stick with it long enough, it gets us to the end of it and we see what we need to do. But consider if you want that in this notebook, or if you want your Breakthrough Spiral to be something different, an organized place where you can go when you are down and get advice from yourself.

We will tackle the following topics (and more): Parenting, Love and Romance, Self Care, Spiritual Growth, Emotional Life (anxiety, anger, forgiveness, etc.), Your Time (prioritizing, how to find more time), Your Money, Your Physical Surroundings and Systems, Your Work Life (job satisfaction, role, growth, earning power), Dating and Romance, and Your Passion Project.

This Spiral is taking you places!  It might be online too– you may be answering these topics in your blog, or in your One Note notebook, or Facebook, or just in one loooooooong M.S. Word document.  However you get your ideas out is how you need to do it.

The point is that you do know what is best for you when you are down in a funk.  But holy cow, when I am in that low place, “I just don’t wanna” ______.” Fill in the blank.  I don’t want to exercise, I don’t want to call a friend, I don’t want to reach out. I think everyone is out to get me. (I am an expert at avoiding the work to get my funk out the door and on the road) But when I read my own writing, encouraging me on,  then I can listen! Yes, I am stubborn.

My re-frame journal is a cardboard spiral notebook, but it has gold stripes, and I keep my favorite purple pen near it.  I also put it in a little basket with a candle some comfy socks, some chocolate, and a couple of nurturing books.  This is my place I go for comfort. I might only write for 7 minutes at a time, but it does help me to comfort myself!

So how about a place just for your reframes, where you are spiraling up?!?, (for now I am calling it a spiral notebook) where you are keeping your Operating Instructions?  This is a place where you track your ideas, the changes, the  re-frames you are working so hard on, 7 minutes at a time if that is what you have.

Ideas to keep it organized:

-Use post-it note tabs or bold headings (or thick underlines) so you can keep track of the topics you head off.

-Start a new page for each Breakthrough Re-frame Entry

-Give your Breakthroughs/Re-frames a title so you can look them up later.

You are a Rock Star Baby! You know what you need.  Together, we are just going to get it all down in one place.  You will spiral yourself up, and keep it in one place so you can find it again.

Justin Hale, professional productivity expert says we can only hold on to four thoughts +/- two thoughts; so “Write it down” he says.  So let’s get all that good juicy help down :).

More soon,

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