Accepting vs. Sculpting the Present

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In my messy handwriting, if I squint really hard, “accepting” and “sculpting” look like really similar words.

I have been thinking lots about accepting life lately with so much uncertainty outside my front door and inside my own body. We don’t know who has COVID-19, which neighbor is harboring it, of if we might even have it… accepting uncertainty and just doing our best seems like the only option. This is a dark time…

I like to think I am the master of myself and my destiny. I want to sculpt my life. But can we mold and shape anything these days?

It is such a slippery slope between being courageous and being accepting. Manifesting good outcomes by watching over the details, getting up early, working hard, being intentional, crossing things off the list… where does that cross over to being controlling, not allowing others their own process through this, and eventually resenting family members who don’t follow through.

Put another way, if I don’t have expectations of others, can I be in gratitude and kindness towards others who don’t pull their weight when I have high expectations of my SELF?

Where is the line between Actively showing up and doing vs. Just being and letting? Live and let live…

How do we continue to push ourselves to learn and grow without pushing on our loved ones around us?

This morning, my only answer is to be the role model in our families, work hard to manifest our growth, and also be merciful towards others.

More soon Friend, we are on our way…


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