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Today is a snowy day. Again. We just had snow last week, and last month. We have had a lot. Eight inches already and more coming.It is April and I am mourning my daffodils and hyacinth curling over under the snow. Spring isn’t supposed to be like this. Or I didn’t want spring to be like this. Will winter never end?

When will we see good news about the virus ending anywhere? We keep breaking yesterday’s record. Today’s bad news overwhelms yesterday’s bad news.

The bad news can overwhelm us.The pending, future bad news, too. How will we ever get out of this? How will the little couple playing beautiful music on the corner by the grocery store survive this? “How will I survive this?” We are all wondering. “What will it be like when we come out? Will we come out?”

Swirling questions weigh heavily. We think we can’t make it. But- remember my Dearest, how much you have endured already, how scary those times were. Remember the difficulties you have already overcome. The younger you, the inexperienced you, she has seen and gotten through so many difficulties already that you never imagined would happen. This is different again. Yes. Very different. But the wiser you has even more resources and experience. You can do this too!

1. Today, just TODAY is what we focus on. And if you want, we break it down again to just this hour. We can do our morning routine. Chop wood, carry water (and shovel snow). Do what needs to be done.

2. Find one person along the way TODAY to give kindness to. That kindness you give others TODAY is empowering. It reminds you of your own heart-strong being inside. It revs up your heart and strength TODAY.

3. Ask your God, Goddess, Angels, whomever is your Higher Power, for help and care TODAY. Your HP has more love, care, and resources than you can ever imagine. And creativity too! Watch for the creative ways you will be blessed TODAY!

This is heavy. This is scary. And we are oh so tired of it. But that is ok. We have done heavy scary before. We are stronger, more loving, more resourceful, more more more more than ever before. More than we know. You got this. TODAY!

Spring will get here, and we will be ready for it.

More soon!


  1. Whoa snow!! Its surreal because I hear everywhere being so hot. Do you live anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere?
    Also it’s too bad that the virus is EVERYWHERE-deserts and snowy regions alike!
    Such a positive post during this time.

    1. Thank you BriN and Sandomina, my last reply was for both of you. Trying to find some things each day to be creative, kind, appreciative for. I appreciate you! 🙏.

      1. Wow. I thought the entire Northern Hemisphere had summer at the same time. That’s mind boggling.
        And you’re welcome anytime!

      2. It is just spring here in U.S, June 21 is the summer solstice when we have our longest day and summer officially “begins”. And then it really doesn’t heat up until July. It is fall in southern hemi, right now?

    1. I am in northern hemisphere, right in the middle of the United States. I don’t know how to translate Celsius to Fahrenheit, we are 60 to 70 F today, so snow is melted and tulips blooming today 🌷. I am thoroughly impressed with the global reach we have with WordPress. Thank you so much for following and commenting. It is such a treat!

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