Our Alter Dog Ego (Doggo!)

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Who knew Doggo is a thing? Even trending! Miss Google will show you hilarious photos that are too many to include here.

I write this blog because I need it. I need it now as much as when my kids were tiny tikes. I can be such a caffeinated chihuahua (I named her Pepper) who the world doesn’t need so much. She makes bad choices, barking at the mailman who may be bringing good news or even money! She needs to just calm the Hell down; sit down at least.

I would rather have the alter ego of my dearly departed black Labrador Mogey who was loving, kind, calm, and protective yet wise. She watched over us, kept me company, never thought she was more than a dog and lived a balanced life of playing catch some, sleeping some, watching over babies, and snuggling some. She did tend to eat too much, but that was her only fault.

Or what about a contented labradoodle golden girl with her frisbee in her mouth, confidently walking next to her owner. She is ready to play at a moment’s notice, but glad to just be with her owner where she belongs. How great would that personality be?

The stately (and selfish) standard poodle named Lizzie comes out in me quite a bit too often with her own opinion of what is important. Following directions or authorities is not a priority. Chewing the life (and squeaker) out of the stuffed squirrel or imagined problem is the job at hand, unless there is a treat for doing nothing at all. Then I can be lured away from the chewing.

Some days I am the American Staffordshire terrier (AmStaff for short) named Dre. I may have a rough look , but am actually fearful inside, jumping at loud noises, lunging at innocent bicyclists, basically terrified of the unknown. But if left to my own home space, I will protect it. I would enjoy sitting on guard on the sunny couch watching over the view out my window. This guy confidently keeps the “scary” mailman from entering the house every time, Fed Ex and UPS too. They always walk away from the bark-bark-barking. Outer confidence, inner fear.

My alter ego changes daily (or hourly, depending on nap time). All with benefits and drawbacks. We cannot all be Australian red heelers (Max, my feature dog up top) all the time!


    1. Thanks so much AR Mohsin. That is very exciting! I look forward to responding to this award! Thanks for joining my journey, I really enjoy your blog as well!

      1. Its always a pleasure your blog. And its an honor to be associated through this blog award. I will be looking forward for your response. Thank you so much.

  1. Oh wow. I’m not sure what dog alter-ego I would be. We had a cocker spaniel when I was growing up but I only really remember her being a bit smelly. Actually, that’s quite apt for me right now….reaches for the shower!

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