Being a Role Model

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So much of parenting is just “being”. We spend very little time (less than 10%?) instructing our kids on how to tie shoes, make a friend, say thank you, bake a meatloaf, manage money, etc. Mostly, we spend our time just BEING: being the grown-up, being meal-maker, being the clothes washer, being the driver, being the bedtime reader… all the while, being watched.

No matter how old they get, our kids are watching how we do life. Being a good role model to me means getting caught doing the right thing when we think no one is watching us. It makes parenting easier after we admit and carry through on the fact that we need to be the best version of ourselves for our kids to grow up to be the best version of themselves. It is simple: We are already a role model. Let’s choose to be a good one.

What kind of role model am I when I hit snooze on my alarm clock, cut another car off on my way to work, snip at my own Mother, cheat on my timesheet for work, call a friend to check in with her, invite a lonely neighbor over for dinner, sit and meditate before bedtime, or, clean the dishes before anyone wakes up.

Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s make it easy on ourselves and be a beneficial role model for our kids. Be the person we want them to be.

Simple, yes. Easy, no!


  1. Good one, Anne. It is surely not that easy if we just keep thinking about it. If we fake it, as parents, children would catch it in no time. I suppose the idea is to be natural.

    1. Right, just act natural, but be sure you are loving, kind, making good choices, and oh yeah carry on with everything else! LOL. Simple, but not easy!😛

  2. Being a good role model, not just for our kids, but for everyone who can see how we live, is extremely important. We are all always on display. This is our responsibility.

  3. Good post. Our children are watching us. I remember watching my own mother. I think even if we aren’t the best role models that sometimes makes our children strive to be better when they grow up. I’d like to think I’m 80% ok. It would be impossible to be perfect.

    1. Yes, absolutely impossible for me to be perfect. I think my imperfections are fine for talking points w others, especially my kids. We learn a lot in those conversations. My Mom doesn’t like those conversations, hates to be seen less than perfect, but that is another post 😉

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