Role Modeling – the FLIP

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An incredible and inspiring benefit of being a good role model to our families is when we get to experience the flip. That is what I call the amazing blessings of noticing our kids inspire us. It is so cool.

Our kids are watching us. They want to be just like us, only better. Admit it- we did and do the same to our parents. We want to be more, live more, know more, give more, than our parents.

So when our kids show us their better habits, it is a treat to embrace and celebrate. When my 23-year old told me he pays his rent two weeks early and doubles up on his student loan payments, I nearly flipped with joy. He saw me struggle with my financial habits for 18 years while living at home and decided he wants to do better. Now he is inspiring me to do better. Suddenly I am saving up mortgage money ahead of time and doubling down on my debt. He is inspiring me to do better. My 22-year old is often kinder than me. I see her with her friends and colleagues. She shows them consideration and patience that doesn’t even occur to me until I see her do it. It is humbling.

We can rejoice when our kids show us up with better habits. It is a gift back to us! We have been showing them the way for a long time. When they show excellent character that we may not have, it stings for a second or three. Then we let it seep in and inspire us. Imagine it like this- you are in a dark forest during a long night with no moon looking for the path. Your little daughter takes a turn with the lantern and leads the group for a bit so that we can take a breath and follow for a few minutes. It is a gift.

Breakthrough Action: Look for something your kid does today to inspire you to better character. Point it out to them and thank them for it. Tell them how proud you are. Then watch for the flip benefits- you will be inspired to do better and be more for you. It becomes an exponential process and lightens the load when we let our kids multiply our efforts.

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  1. OK Annie….When is this “flippin” flipping supposed to happen? I’ve got four boys who are takin their time about showing some of these role model traits…..

  2. I think I may need to wait a few years. My daughter is currently in a strip because she has to wait a week before getting a Ken to go with Barbie.

    1. 🤭🤣 cute. But she will pop off with something profound soon,
      “waiting for a good man is worthwhile” perhaps?😉

      1. Maybe. I’m hoping for ‘what is this plastic crap I keep buying?’ I’m destoying the earth. I better play outside’

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