Courage is Fear that Said its Fears

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I love the phrase “Courage is fear that said its prayers”. Silent film actress Dorothy Bernard is usually credited with this quote. It helps me to remember that courage can be a prayer away when I am feeling unsettled, fearful, ruminating, overly vulnerable, hurt, wronged, anxious, or all of the above.

The courage to be authentic and true to myself is my usual issue. And to be authentically ourselves, we need to be a bit vulnerable. It is OK to be vulnerable. Lightning will not strike us down… Consider the risks we take to feel alive- not jumping off of bridges, or diving from the high dive at the swimming pool; but that jolt of authenticity when we bare our souls, and see where it goes…

How are we being courageously authentic in our lives?

Our Writing- Are we writing about and publishing stories or blogs about “The Juicey” parts of life? I know it is uncomfortable for me to put it out there, is it hard for you too?

Family Relationships-I sent a heartfelt apology to my sister and didn’t get the most heart-warming reply back. But I will courageously keep on cleaning up my side of the street despite not growing up with the example or model of apologies from family. She can choose whether she accepts it or not. I am old enough now to stop my stubborn streak and find the kindness.

Partnerships- Are we trying to live with gratitude for our partners’ gifts, rather than focusing on what they are not an expert at accomplishing? This is hard for me–I won’t be changing him, the only one I can change is myself. But dang, it can be scary to settle for less than perfection.

Parenting – Are we encouraging, interacting, and teaching our kids skills for their ultimate independence, productivity, creativity, and unique contributions, or to keep us from feeling our own fears?

Work- Are we continuing to be in an attitude of growth, rather than complacency? I have to push myself to be open to learn and to grow, to see my blind spots. Can we still be curious at work? I think that helps me get to authentic living there.

Our Self Care- Part of self care is being honest with ourselves when we need a break to recharge. Are we acknowledging our human cracks and frailties? Or just pushing past the signs of wear and tear, letting our egos drive us to damage?

Our Community Care – Are we caring for our community, somewhere, anywhere? Our neighbors, friends, colleagues. Authentically giving our time, kindnesses, respect to those less fortunate? Or younger? Or different? Or _____?

How is the authentic life you are leading helping you? Does it give you energy? Help you sleep better? It helps me in my prioritization, and my relationships are fuller, more satisfying. I feel more a part of the world when I live truthfully.


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