Acceptance for Spiraling Up

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“Acceptance teaches that how you feel is simply how you feel. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is. And interestingly, when you’re stewing in negative emotions, accepting them often helps them dissipate, like an early morning mist beneath a ray of sun.”

– Alex Korb in The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time.

This quote describes what I wrote about back in a post last spring. I have experienced this phenomena time and time again. When we allow and accept the feeling, we are bringing it out of the dark, out of hiding, where it is clanging and clamoring around inside our minds, like a bat swooping around, searching for a landing space.

Let out the little bugger! Let the sun shine on our negative feeling. Write it down, confess it, tell it to the cat, etc. And watch its power shrink.

Always do the gratitude daily too. I sometimes have to dig deep to find 3 NEW things to be grateful for each day. But other days, 6 or 7 blessings fly onto the page. Just do it.😁

Blue sky, open space to run, fresh air, time to run, shoes to run in, legs to run on, and water waiting in the car at the end (this was a very hot, dusty, dry 8- mile run that I had no motivation for. Can you imagine how silly that negative space was!?!?)


  1. Being grateful for every thing you have actually brings peace to our minds. It’s so relaxing to just accept things instead of complaining. Beautifully written. 👍👍

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