Be Intentional With Your Mental Environment

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If more people feel deeply connected to others, better things will happen.” ~ Kelly Corrigan, Hello Monday podcast.

These are tough pandemic days with kids going to school only part time. We are scrambling financially to work, pay the rent, get the energy to put meals on the table, all while wondering “What is next?!?!” with the pandemic and our fireball of a political situation in the U.S. It is imperative that we as individuals step it up to create our own environment of connection, positive thinking, and listening with our hearts not just our ears. Here are my ideas to help our own mental state by reaching out to connect to real live humans nearby.

  • Find someone doing something, anything, good and point it out with a thank you. “Thanks for loading the dishwasher!”, “Thanks for volunteering”, “Thank you for your cheerful smile today.” When we choose to notice and call out actions we want to see more of, we will see more of it, and they will do more too!
  • Reach out and connect with someone we think may be lonely/stressed. “I know you are brave, sister; you got this job search today!”, “Hope your Tuesday is going well, I am thinking of you!”, “You are a badass, and I believe in you.”
  • Give a hand. “I’m on my way to the store, do you need anything?”, “Can I watch your son for an hour so that you can have a breather?”
  • Drive our own mental bus by leaving online news and social media until after our work is done. Just for today, leave all the news until after 5 pm. The humans nearest to us need us more. And we do know how to boost our own moods without the talking puppy videos.

We got this Mama!!


    1. It is a wild fireball of a political season, and then there are the actual wildfires, and college kids trying but not succeeding at socially distanced socializing, and online schooling. And then oh, the unemployment numbers skyrocketing. Everyone needs to escape to Robinhood land (such as in your last gorgeous post!), just to keep our noggin from flying away!

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