Day 11: Building Momentum: Trying Something New

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Stephen Guise is a huge fan of focusing not on achieving huge goals but on building momentum by beating out tiny goals and seeing the difference in our energy and enthusiasm after meeting tiny goals.

Sometimes things just feel forced. And that is required, right? I vividly remember complaining to my Mom when I was in grade school that I didn’t ever want to try any new foods, ever again. She had probably served up liver and onions. I hated them, even covered in ketchup the texture was unbearable. She also liked to cook lima beans- from those frozen Jolly Green Giant cardboard packages that froze any taste out of the vegetable. All we oculd taste was butter (thank God for butter!), and wrinkled up mealy bean without any flavor at all. It was awful and all I wanted to eat was cereal and milk. My favorite cereals were Count Chocula, Quisp, Captain Crunch, and Sugar Smacks (later renamed Honey Smacks to appease moms worn out by kids like me at the grocery store begging and begging while dangling off the grocery cart, flailing a box in her face). When I complained about trying anything new, Mom told me that there was actually a day when I didn’t like cereal and had to be coerced into trying it.

Everything is new until we try it. then it isn’t new anymore, and we can say we did it, tried it, went there, and got it.

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