Obstacles Part 2

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Yes, I agree. The trusting God part of getting over obstacles does sound like the craziest idea ever. Why trust in something we cannot see or hear or touch or experience? Why put our finances, our parenting, our love lives, our careers, our beloved children in the trust of a divine energy that we don’t even know is really out there? Why talk to something that doesn’t talk back? Aren’t we just talking to ourselves?

I have no idea how “it” works. My friend Delia says that when we say things out loud it gathers energy. My friend Bhanu says “it just does”. Mary says that the Universe gathers our intentions and prayers and moves on them. My friend Brad says we have no choice but to trust, that is the mandate from the Bible. I say that there are some days when I have no choice; there is nothing else I can do, no other place I can go. My faith may be paper thin, and I may not totally believe that God hears anything I say or that there is a God. There are days when I wonder how to get out of bed, or how to get out the door, or what I could possibly offer to my kids or friends that is of value becasue I am so darned coiled up and lacking my own serenity. But I ask out loud on my knees for God to do for me what I cannot do for myself anyway, and clasp onto that papery belief that somewhere out there God hears me and cares about me.

Then a few hours later, my friend Leanne sends me an email or leaves a voice mail with precisely the information I need to get through the obstacle I have in my path with peace. Or Brad will send me a Bible verse that hits my heart like a pick-up truck and sends it back into the world of the living. Or Delia or Liz or Bhanu tell me a story that brings my heart out of hibernation. Katy tells me a hilarious joke about her life. IS this God reaching down to me, picking me up, or just kind friends offering me support and funny stories? I don’t know. How would I know?

Some people say that God talks and acts in our lives through our experiences with other people, with nature, with our readings, and with conversations with Godly people. I choose to believe that, and I ALSO choose to believe that I will never experience God’s blessings if I am not looking for them and open to receiving them. I must 1) believe the blessings are or will be there, and 2)think and act as if I deserve and intend to receive them. But that is just me. You make your own choices.

I have been closing my blogs lately with the wish that God’s grace rain down on you. I need to change it. Instead of wishing that God rains grace and blessings upon you, I need to offer the hope and wish that you see and receive God’s grace, mercy, courage, wisdom, and love. It IS there. We just need to open our eyes and hearts to it.

“The way of trust is a movement into obscurity into the undefined, into ambiguity, not some predetermined, clearly delineated future. The next step discloses itself only out of a discernment of God acting in the desert of the present moment”.
-Brennan Manning, Ragamuffins’s Guide to Ruthless Trust p. 12

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  1. Beautiful expression of truth! Heartfelt and real! Even I, who teach trust in the divine- faith and hope have times when I wonder where that divine intervention is when you need it!
    What I do know is that it always comes through when you ask. God of course, does not answer you with a human like loud voice from the heaven’s. (or maybe sometimes). In my experience God answers through a myraid of ways, but God always answers. Through friends, children, pets, strangers, nature. My favorite is nature. Whenever I feel really disconnected I ask for HELP and go out in nature. It is amazing what comes to me! Dragonflys, eagles, hawks, and lots and lots of feathers!
    God does and always will answer our calls for help. We just need to ask and then open our eyes!

    Take care and keep up the beautiful thoughtful posts!

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