Club Awesome Saturday September 18, 2010

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Gratitude List for September 18, 2010. This time of year is difficult for me financially every single year, no matter what. I want all kinds of things that I cannot afford. I hone my skills at denying my kids things they want too. It can be a real drag. So I am focusing now on being grateful for and noticing all the free and cheap things in my life that are tremendous gifts. I want to continue to notice and appreciate them, so I write about them. Thanks for reading my blog; I hope it inspires you to do the same (another blog about financial struggles is on its way!).

1. I am enjoying and savoring the light as it changes this year while the sun makes its way to the southern hemisphere. The Indian Summer is in full glory; perfectly cool for running early and then toasty warm for outdoor lunches and afternoon football or softball games. The sunlight is almost shimmering and sparkling, making the blue sky bluer, the leaves and grass brighter, and it is ok that summer will end officially in a few days.

2. As my teenage son ages, I am getting the chance to understand men so much better (or not!)… He can complain and describe for long minutes about a cleated calf and how much it hurts, describe the impact with his teammate several times, and ask me 4 times to feel the gigantic bruise on his leg. But if I mention the word “ice” he looks at me as if half-crocked and says “Mom, don’t you know anything? Ice is for sissies”.

3. My daughter continues to model courage and strength to me the way she tries new approaches to life: she plays on the 3rd string softball team and loves every minute of it in right field; she still loves to play the tuba in the school band although the instrument is larger than she is; and she paints each of her fingernails and toenails a different color.

4. “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
Wayne Dyer

5. Indian summer breezes, fun and funny company while working, answered prayers, and fresh balance for my life.

6. Camping at Lake Powell with dear friends!

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  1. This is so beautiful to read. I love hearing about your kids and how they are soon becoming adults. Thank you Anne.

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